This training class will be offered four times a year with the first in May 2014. The classes are for Harman Distributors and Reps only and provide a comprehensive understanding of IDX 100, IDX 200 and IDX 300 systems.
There is a one day IDX 100 training, and a three day IDX 200 and IDX 300 training. It is not required to have attended the IDX 100 training to attend the IDX 200 and IDX 300 training. These trainings will take place at Harman Signal Processing in South Jordan, Utah.


May 20, 2014 IDX 100 Hardware / Software IDX 100 Training Syllabus
May 21-22, 2014 IDX 200 & IDX 300 Hardware / Software IDX 200 & 300 Training Syllabus
May 23, 2014 IDX 200 & IDX 300 Networking / Troubleshooting (highly technical)  


As is done with other Harman training programs, there is an opportunity for students to gain an official certification upon completions of these courses.


Please contact Staci Bash at staci.bash@harman.com for more information and to register. 


At this time there are no prerequisites for this course.