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The CT16S Amplifer Switcher has 16 primary amplifier inputs, 16 backup amplifier inputs, and 16 loudspeaker outputs.

The CT16S can be used to offer 8:1 amplifier backup or 1:1 amplifier backup.

8:1 backup offers 1 backup amplifer channel per 8 primary amplifier channels. 1:1 backup offers a backup amplifier channel per primary amplifier channel.

The PDC-100 monitors the CT16S and, in the event that a primary amplifier channel failure is detected, the PDC-100 instructs the CT16S to switch to the appropriate idle backup amplifier channel.

In the case of 8:1 backup, the PDC-100 ensures that the correct audio signal is routed to the backup amplifier channel via the PDP-DSP. In the case of 1:1 backup, the correct audio signal is already routed to the backup amplifier channels via the PDP-BOB devices. After the failure is corrected, the PDC-100 instructs the CT16S to switch the channel back to the primary amplifier channel.

The CT16S can be connected to the Hi-Z (70V / 100V) outputs of the amplifiers and is capable of handling 2A of continous current or 1000W per channel of audio signal.

The CT16S has 16 control inputs and 5 control outputs.



16 Primary Amplifier Inputs

16 Backup Amplifier Inputs

16 Loudspeaker Outputs

8:1 or 1:1 Backup Operation

Monitoring and Control by PDC-100 Controller

Automatic Switching of Failed Primary Amplifier Channel to Idle Backup Amplifier Channel

Hi-Z (70V / 100V) Capability

2A of Continuous Current or 1000W per Channel of Audio Signal Capability

16 Control Inputs and 5 Control Outputs

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