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The CT8SHO Amplifer Switcher has 8 primary amplifier inputs, 8 backup amplifier inputs, and 8 loudspeaker outputs.

The CT8SHO can be used to offer 8:1 amplifier backup or 1:1 amplifier backup.

8:1 backup offers 1 backup amplifer channel per 8 primary amplifier channels. 1:1 backup offers a backup amplifier channel per primary amplifier channel.

The PDC-200 or PDC-300 Server monitors the CT8SHO and, in the event that a primary amplifier channel failure is detected, the PDC Server instructs the CT8SHO to switch to the appropriate idle backup amplifier channel.

In the case of 8:1 backup, the PDC Server ensures that the correct audio signal is routed to the backup amplifier channel via the BLU-800. In the case of 1:1 backup, the correct audio signal is already routed to the backup amplifier channels via the BLU-BOB devices. After the failure is corrected, the PDC Server instructs the CT8SHO to switch the channel back to the primary amplifier channel.

The CT8SHO can be connected to the Hi-Z (70V / 100V) outputs of the amplifiers and is capable of handling up to 160Vrms, 20A continuous for each channel of audio signal.

The CT8SHO has 16 control inputs and 5 control outputs.



8 Primary Amplifier Inputs

8 Backup Amplifier Inputs

8 Loudspeaker Outputs

8:1 or 1:1 Backup Operation

Monitoring and Control by PDC-200 or PDC-300 Server

Automatic Switching of Failed Primary Amplifier Channel to Idle Backup Amplifier Channel

Hi-Z (70V / 100V) Capability

160Vrms, 20A Continuous per Channel of Audio Signal Capability

16 Control Inputs and 5 Control Outputs

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