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The BSS Audio DT-715 is a public address paging station for high zone-count applications such as hotels. Up to twelve (12) DTE-710 extension units can connect to the DT-715, facilitating paging to up to 96 zones.

The DT-715 sends and receives both audio and control data to the controller system via a CobraNet™ interface. Redundant Primary and Secondary CobraNet ports facilitate fault tolerance. Both CobraNet ports are PoE-enabled. If PoE is not available, the unit can also receive power from a DC power adapter (included).

The DT-715 features one paging microphone, one monitor loudspeaker*, one power indicator, one system status indictor, one large Push-to-Talk (PTT) button, and 15 user-definable function buttons. Next to each user-definable function button is a window into which a label can be inserted, and an LED for zone status indication.

The “MIC” control allows the user to adjust the level of the built-in microphone. The “SPKR” control allows the user to adjust the level of the built-in loudspeaker*. The “AUX” connection is a 1/8”, line level, stereo left/right input for connecting a local audio source and transmitting it via CobraNet™*.

The DTE-710 features 10 user-definable function buttons, each with an accompanying label window and zone-status indication LED. Up to 12 DTE-710 units can be connected to a single DT-715 in daisy chain fashion. The DT-715 contains two interchangeable extension jacks for connecting the DTE-710 units, and therefore the DT-715 can be placed anywhere in the daisy chain. The DT-715 provides all necessary power and communications through the extension jacks to the DTE-710 extension units.

*Support for the monitor loudspeaker and the “AUX” connections will become available in a future firmware release.

DT-715 / DTE-710



Paging Station Base Unit

Sends Pages to 96 Zones (max)

Audio and Control via CobraNet™

1 Paging Microphone

1 Monitor Loudspeaker (future feature)

1 Power Indicator

1 System Status Indicator

1 PTT Button

15 User-Definable Function Buttons

15 Zone Status LEDs

15 Label Windows

Discrete Volume controls for Local Mic and Loudspeaker

Stereo Auxiliary Input for Local

Audio Source (future feature)

Powered via PoE or a DC Power

Adapter (included)



Paging Station Extension Unit

10 User-Definable Function Buttons

10 Zone Status LEDs

10 Label Windows

Connect up to 12 Units (Daisy Chain) to a DT-715

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