Bss audio fm 704 medium

The BSS Audio FM-704 is a simple 4-button paging station which gives zone selection and ‘Ready’ / ‘Busy’ status indication and uses CobraNet™ as the audio and control transport. It is designed for use within HARMAN IDX systems.

The FM-704 sends and receives both audio and control data to the controller system via a CobraNet™ interface. Redundant Primary and Secondary CobraNet interfaces facilitate fault tolerance. Both CobraNet interfaces are PoE enabled. Therefore, all connectivity for each interface—audio, control, and power—is provided by a single CAT 5 cable.

The included paging microphone connects to the front panel of the FM-704. This connection can be secured using the included strain-relief clamp. A Push-To-Talk (PTT) button turns the microphone on/off. When the microphone is not in use, it can hang from the cradle on the front panel.

The FM-704 contains four buttons, each with a blue status indicator. A red ‘Busy” LED and a green ‘Ready’ LED indicate when the system is busy or ready for paging, respectively.

The FM-704 fits into a standard 3-gang US junction box, flush mounted to the wall.



4-Button Wall Paging Station

Primary and Secondary CobraNet™ Interfaces for Redundancy


Durable PTT Paging Microphone (included)

Strain-Relief Clamp for Microphone Connection (included)

4 Zone Status Indicators

Global ‘Busy’ Status Indication

Global ‘Ready’ Status Indication

3-Gang US Size

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