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The PDC-100 Controller is the core of the IDX 100 system. It is a Dell™ Precision™ R5500 rack workstation, preloaded with Windows 7 and the IDX 100 server software.

The PDC-100 Controller provides centralized management and logging for IDX 100 systems of up to 12 paging stations, 14 background music channels, 2 pre-recorded message channels and 96 output channels. IDX 100 Designer provides wizard-driven configuration of the PDC-100 Controller.

PDC-100 (discontinued)


IDX 100 System Controller

Dell™ Precision™ R5500 Rack Workstation

Windows 7 Operating System

IDX 100 Server Software Preloaded

Centralized Management and Logging for IDX 100 Systems of up to:

12 Paging Stations

14 Background Music Channels

2 Pre-Recorded Message Channels

96 Output Channels

Wizard-Driven Configuration of PDC-100 by IDX 100 Designer (Client) Software



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