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The BSS Audio PDC-300 Controller is the core of the IDX 300 system. It is a Dell™ PowerEdge™ R520 rack workstation, preloaded with Windows Server Standard 2008 and the IDX 300 server software.

The PDC-300 server provides centralized management and logging for IDX 300 systems of an unlimited number of paging stations, up to 24 store & forward messages, unlimited background music channels, 24 pre-recorded message channels and an unlimited number of output channels.

Requires at least one DAC Digital Audio Controller for Messaging Channels.


IDX 300 systems also add the option to include Visual Paging, by adding dedicated DDC Digital Display Controllers.

Requires at least one DDC1 Digital Display Controller, DDC2 Digital Display Controller, or DDC4 Digital Display Controller for video control.




IDX 300 System Controller

Dell™ PowerEdge™ R520 Rack Workstation

Windows Server Standard 2008 R2 SP1

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition

IDX 300 Server Software Preloaded

Centralized Management and Logging for IDX 300 Systems of up to:

Unlimited Paging Stations

Unlimited Background Music Channels

24 Simultaneous Store/Forward Message Playback Channels

Unlimited Output Channels

Third Party Control (HiQnet)

Ambient Noise Compensation

Rules Engine

Paging Activity Recording

Visual Paging Support (Requires one Digital Display Controller)

API (Non-Customizable)


Additional Cost Options:

vPaging Software Paging Station

Text-to-Speech Voice Engine

Multiple DAC Redundancy


Also includes Static ReadyRails

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