The 100 Series features basic paging and announcement functionality. Its wizard-driven configuration provides a step-by-step approach for designing systems suitable for hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and other applications where simple paging and message playback is required. The 100 Series can route up to 14 channels of background music (BGM), 12 microphone stations and two .wav file message playback channels to up to 96 output zones.

The paging microphone for the 100 Series is a desktop 15-button paging station (DT-715). The number of buttons for the DT-715 desktop paging station can be expanded using the optional 10-button expansion device (DTE-710). The buttons on the DT-715 desktop paging station and DTE-710 expansion device are fully programmable, allowing assignment of source selection, zone or zone group selection, volume up / volume down and message playback.

The 100 Series uses a dedicated Paging Delivery Controller (PDC) which provides system control, fault reporting and user activity logging. A full 96 output zone system uses two DSP devices, where each DSP device handles up to 48 output channels when connected to PDP-BOB output expansion devices. Optional Crown CT16s devices facilitate automatic backup amplifier switching. Interfacing to external systems is achieved through General Purpose Inputs / Outputs (GPIO) on the DSP devices and Crown CT16s.