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IDX 100 Designer is the configuration, control and monitoring software application for IDX 100 systems.

The software runs on a Windows 7 PC and provides wizard-driven configuration of the PDC-100 Controller. After completing the 12 steps of the IDX 100 Designer Wizard (see below), the configuration can be saved locally as a file and/or deployed to a PDC-100 Controller.


IDX 100 Designer Wizard Steps:

Step 1: System Specification - Specify up to 96 output channels and Failover (uses CT16S) option

Step 2: Paging Station Specification - Specify up to 12 Paging Stations, each with up to 12 Extensions

Step 3: BGM Specification - Specify which of the available BGM channels should be used (up to 14)

Step 4: Zone Group Configuration - Configure Zone Groups (specific groups of outputs)

Step 5: Control Input Specification - Specify which of the available Control Inputs should be used

Step 6: Control Output Specification - Specify which of the available Control Outputs should be used

Step 7: Audio File Addition - Add audio files for later playback from PDC-100

Step 8: Chime Addition - Add chimes for pre and post paging announcements

Step 9: Event Configuration - Configure Events (lists of Actions)

Step 10: Control Input Configuration - Configure function of Control Inputs

Step 11: Paging Station Button Configuration - Configure function of Paging Station/Extension buttons

Step 12: Summary - Summary of system for review

IDX 100 Designer


Configuration, Control and Monitoring Software for IDX 100 Systems

Designed for Windows 7 Operating System

Wizard-Driven Configuration of PDC-100 Controller

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